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Due to Covid-19 all of our face-to-face taught programmes are now postponed until further notice.

BSL Interpretations Training Services  started providing interpreter training in 2015, delivering both Part 1- Underpinning Theory Training and the Part 2 - NVQ 6 Diploma in BSL-English Interpreting to our students. Our courses have proven to be sucessfull, with 100% pass rate and feedback about them has always been positive.We have grown to be the largest independent provider of accredited interpreter training in the UK and have a team of excellent assessors who offer outstanding support to our students.Our lead tutor Stephen Ellis-Menton was nominated for the Signature Excellent Teacher of the Year Award in 2018.

Only qualified Interpreters who are also qualified as teachers and assessors teach on our courses as we want to ensure that you recieve the best interpreting education which will help shape your future career as a BSL-English Interpreter.


We offer an exciting range of Interpreter training programmes at Level 6, in both Birmingham and Huddersfield where you can choose from;

Underpinning Interpreter Theory or NVQ 6 Diploma in BSL-English Interpreting programme or Individual Interpreter Development Programme (IIDP)

Click on one of the centres below to find out more about each course and how to apply.


  • We have developed our course content and materials to ensure that you feel supported throughout every step of your journey.

  • We provide you with all the necessary documentation to enable you to collect evidence in an organised and simple way.

  • Our unique Online Student Zone gives students access to a libary of Webinars that have been specifically created to support you with your studies.

  • We offer loads of extra support for our students from WhatsApp groups, email, telephone support and Skype meetings.

  • Experienced Tutors and assessors deliver and assess on our courses (check them out on our meet the team page

  • Training is delivered in a supportive and relaxed style, which enables you to relax and retain the information being taught!

NVQ Interpreter Training

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Here's what Lucy Sugden form Rishton had to say

about our NVQ 6 Diploma in Interpreting: 

"Fabulous Course! I've really learnt a lot! I can tell as a

teacher myself that a lot of preparation and planning

has gone into creating this course. The delivery has been

great throughout and i can really tell that Ste is a Qualified

teacher from his teaching on the course. All activities that

have been used are up to date and relevant for the whole

group, allowing for engaging and interactive learning

opportunities. There were lots of chances to work as a

group and build a peer support network!"





Alan Jones, 36yrs from Leeds says:

"It has been great!! The most enjoyable and motivating aspect has

been the environment that was and has been created by our 'leader' Ste.

 The mood is always positive, friendly and warm, whilst the content

is delivered in a way that is engaging and honest.Learning and

contributing with a smile plastered on your face (and on occasion mixed

with confuddlement) obviously benefits us all, so thanks for that!! 

Ste's manner is brilliant and the information is concise. All in all, spot on!!"