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Due to Covid-19 all of our face-to-face taught programmes are now postponed until further notice.

CPD Training for Interpreters and CSW's


BSL Interpretations offers a range of CPD courses aimed at Interpreters of all levels and CSW's. We have been designing bespoke courses for interpreters and CSW's since 2006, long before it was compulsory for interpreters to undertake CPD. 

Our courses focus helping you improve both your underpinning theoretical knowledge and your practical skills with the aim of helping you improve your interpreting practise.

All our courses are taught by qualified and experienced professionals whom have a range of experience in their chosen field and our courses have a fabulous track record of excellent feedback!

We have worked with a number of organisations to design and deliver bespoke courses that are suited the needs of the organisation/in house interpreters and if this is something that you would be interested in having then please get in touch to discuss.



Courses for 2016


Simultaneity and Dynamic Equivalence in Interpreting

A theory based course, incorporating practical elements and plenty of group discussion; this course looks at the use of simultaneity by interpreters and how we, as interpreters provide a dynamically equivalent experience for our consumers when interpreting. 

From conferences, ATW bookings, working with grass roots community members in community settings, to theatre and signed songs, Simultaneity and Dynamic Equivalence are crucial tools for interpreting, providing thought-for-thought interpretations and moving away from linear, English based interpretations. The tutor will guide you through the underpinning theory behind both topics and engage you in thoughtful and meaningful activities which will help to develop your understanding and practical skills in relation to the topics in hand. Taught by Stephen Menton, RSLI, teacher and Assessor.

Location: TBC




Breaking Bad ....News.

Healthcare professionals find breaking bad news difficult and upsetting but what about the role of the interpreter?  Hospitals often ask non-clinical interpreters to facilitate breaking bad news but we so often don't have the same level of training and expertise as the medical staff in doing this in a culturally and linguistically acceptable way.  This half day training course will help with bridging that gap. This short course is taught by Mike Tyler, lead interpreter at Staffordshire County Council.

Summary: This half day training course will enable Interpreters to:

•         understand issues associated with interpreting bad news

•         learn the context of current practice

•         recognise Breaking Bad News protocols  

•         agree interpreter best practice

•         develop coping strategies

Location: TBC

Date:  TBC


Relevance Theory Training

Relevance theory is a proposal by that seeks to explain the second method of communication: one that takes into account implicit inferences. It argues that the audience will search for meaning in any given communication situation and having found meaning that fits their expectation of relevance, will stop processing. This half day training course will encourage practitioners to critically reflect on the issues inherent in communication/ interpreting work with a view to developing appropriate support and coping strategies. Providing you with an overview of the theoretical knowledge and skills required to improve your interpreting practise o n a day to day basis. This short course is taught by Mike Tyler, lead interpreter at Staffordshire County Council.

Location: TBC

Date:  TBC