NRCPD Supervision and Endorsement


Initial Assessment fee: £20

Additional Development Meetings: £80.00 



NRCPD Supervision Outline

Are you looking to register as a Trainee Sign Language Interpreter

or renew your registration? If you have completed your BSL Level 6

 and have had Interpreter Theory training then you might be eligible

to register for our  Individual Interpreter Development Programme.

In order to meet the requirements for NRCPD registration you will

need to meet with one of our Interpreter Assessors

(Qualified Interpreter and assessor and registered NRCPD Supervisor)

who will complete an initial assessment with you to assess your current skills and level of experience.

If it is considered that your skills and experience are at the right level (assessed against the Interpreting Standards and NOS TINT) we will work with you to develop a detailed development plan, before we assign one of our Assessors to become your Practice Supervisor who will continue to endorse your registration with NRCPD, while you continue to work on your areas for development.

In order to maintain your registration with NRCPD, you will need to meet with your Practice Supervisor every 2-3 months (depending on skills and level of experience) to review the development work that you have done and to agree new development goals that will help to increase you knowledge, understanding and skills in interpreting.

We use innovative methods to assess your skills and experience so it is possible to conduct your practice supervision/assessment meetings remotely with the use of video call technology. Candidates / assessors will compile a development portfolio that will help you work towards becoming a Qualified Interpreter.


Entry requirements (essential)

  • Signature Level 6 Certificate in British Sign Language/ IBSL Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language/English Bilingual Skills (or working towards achieving it)
  • English skills at level 6 or equivelent
  • Previous work experience  - BSL/English interpreter / working as a CSW etc


Additional costs / requirements

  • Candidates will need to have access to their own digital camera, internet and PC/Laptop to be able to collect evidence that shows progression and development.
  • Registration costs with NRCPD





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